Northern Youth Groups back Nomination of Hon Silas Agara as Chairman, National Population Commission (NPC)

Northern Youth Groups back nomination of former Nasarawa State Deputy Governor as Chairman National population commission (NPC).

A coalition of Northern Youth Groups Comprising, the
Northern Youth Leaders Council(NYLC), North Central Youth Congress(NCYC), Northern Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN), Buhari National Students Support Group (BNSSG) APC Youth Ambassadors have thrown our weight behind the nomination of the former Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State Hon. Silas Ali Agara by President Muhammadu Buhari as Chairman of National population commission NPC.

This is based on Hon. Agara’s track record as a detribalize Nigerian who has the requisite qualifications, experience and right character to steer the ship of the NPC that will give the country the right demography and census figure for proper planning and development.

As a youthful public figure with an unblemished records, the President has no doubt, made the right choice that should be supported by all well meaning citizens of the country irrespective of ethnic, religious, political or regional differences.

We are however saddened by the recent turn of event with alleged plot by some political figures within the Northern region to withdraw his nomination and replaced him with another northerner of a different religion and state of origin as was contained in the Sahara Reporters online publication of Sunday 23rd August, 2020.

The Group views this move as a deliberate attempt by mischief makers to derail the unifying efforts of Mr President, aimed at balancing the power equation of the country and enhancing social cohesion by the diverse ethnic and religious classifications of the nation.

Beside his immense qualification as a bonifide citizen of the country and inline with the existing federal character principles, highly respected by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, the nominee Hon. Silas Ali Agara is a Founding member of the APC, who has been an ardent Supporter of the President right from their Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) days.

Hon. Agara surely deserves to be rewarded with a notable national position to enable him contribute his quota to the development of the country, especially now that there is a compelling need for collective efforts to reposition the country for greater efficiency.

The Group may not want to join issues with some notable names and individuals quoted in the Sahara Reporters publication for improper attribution and its speculative nature, we however believe that for every rumour, there could be some elements of truth which should be treated with all seriousness; there is no smoke without fire.

To this end, we called on our amiable President Muhammadu Buhari not to be distracted but to kindly forward of the nominee and other list to appropriate quotas for confirmation in order to lay to rest the prolonged speculations trailing the appointment, thereby putting to shame mischievous elements sabotaging the good intentions of the Government.

Thank you and God bless Nigeria.

Comrade Rt. Hon. Ukkasha Hamza Rahama
Rt. Hon Speaker NYAN

Comrade Rilwanu MD Muktar
Secretary Northern Youth Leaders Council

Comrade Anebi Anebi
National Coordinator
APC Youth Ambassadors (AYA)

Comrade Jacob Okpe
National Coordinator

Comrade Giwa Murtala Moore
National Secretary
Buhari National Students Support Group (BNSSG)

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