The President, Ijaw Youth Council World Wide Visits High Chief (Dr) Selky Kile Torughedi (General Young Shall Grow) Shows Appreciation

The President of Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, His Excellency, Comrade Deacon Peter Timothy Igbifa today paid a thank you visit to High Chief (Dr) Selky Kile Torughedi aka General Young Shall Grow, National Chairman, Niger Delta Agitators Leadership Forum/Coordinator, Niger Delta Waterways Maritime Security at His Palace in Abuja. This according to him was in fulfilment of his promise during his campaign for support. The President has shown that, His words are his bond.

General Young Shall Grow was pleased with the President of the Council for keeping to his promise and equally advised him to be more focuse in the unity of the Ijaw youths across all board. He also emphasised on the need for the president to know that there is a dichotomy between the struggle and politics in order not to go astray from the motor of IYC.

General Young appreciated him for his leadership style and equally plead with all Elders, stakeholders and Youths of Ijaw Nation to support the new President of council in order to move the Ijaw Nation forward, stressing that the unity of Ijaw Nation should not be compromise because of personal interest.

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