Rt Hon George Edward Daika Commensurates with the Pwajok, Molwus, Adegoke Families


Rt Hon George Edward Daika has commusurated with The PWAJOKS, Mwolwus and Dr Adegoke familys over the loss of their love one’s just within this week.

In his condolences massages at the elder stateman Da Pwajok, he said, the demised of Dara Pwajok was his personal loss considering his relationship with the family over time.
He said, the transition to glory of the patriarch Da Patrick Dung Pwajok KSM (Gwom Jik Berom) will indeed be a massive blow not only to Berom but to the general public.

He eulogies the good and evident work the patriarch was known and stood for.

Responding on behalf of the family, Hon Edward Pwajok (SAN) said, the departure of Dara was a peaceful one without serious sickness.

Dara according to the eldest son, was a peace loving father who have leave an examplary live throughout his years on earth.

He was 91years old before he departed.

While at Nde Alexander Molwus resident RT Hon. George Edward Daika talked about his political relationship with the decease which was indeed phenomenal.

He said, Nde Molwus was a rallying point for all disagreement in central zone and PDP as a whole.

He has leave a legacy for the party to emulate not only in Ngas land but the nation as a whole.

He will be remembered for his roll in all issues that bordered on Ngas nation he said.

Nde Molwus is a man who stood for Justice and passionate about Ngas nation and Plateau state he said.

Responding on behalf of the family, Dr Jurbe Molwus, said, his brother has shown sincerity during his time in our common struggles, seeking the good and well being of Ngas people and Plateau as whole.

Dr. Jurbe Mwolwus thanked the aspiring Senator for creating time to console and comfort them and other bereaved families considering his tide schedule.

In a similar development, At the family house of Dr Adegoke, RT Hon George Daika said, the family of Adegoke are to him twince of the same worm.

He said, the family of the decease have always reminded him the saying that a friend inneed is a friend indeed.

According to him, they have come along way that is why the loss of Dr D Adegoke remain a mystery, unforgatable and a great loss.

He commusurated with the widow Dr. Mrs Agnes Adegoke to be statefast and look onto God for solance.

Responding, the window Dr Mrs Agnes Adegoke thank the visitor and his entourage for having time to console with them at their time of berievement.

She said, RT HON GEORGE EDWARD DAIKA success in his ambition during the primarys was a mixed feeling to them.
Stating that his aspirations to the enviable position of the Senate, is desirable because he possessed all the character to be in the red chamber.

She wished RT Hon George Daika success in his endeavors.

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