Rev John Pofi calls for decisive action in response to the threat issued by bandits to Christians in Zamfara

The National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network Rev John Pofi has called on Government at all levels to take decisive actions and not wait for danger to happen before condemnations flood public space. This is in reaction to a reported threat issued to Christians by bandits in Zamfara State.

According to Rev Pofi, bandits in Zamfara have reportedly threatened the Christian community against going to Church. According to him, the threat which is in circulation on social media is not the first of its kind to be issued and enforced to the latter by the men of the underworld without any arrests of prosecution.

Rev Pofi expressed worry over the silence of the Federal Government despite the grim reality of the fact that such threats in the past have been executed.

Rev Pofi noted with shock that just days after the removal of Nigeria from the list of “countries of particular concern” regarding religious freedom such threats still persist.

Rev Pofi noted that despite the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN’s) vehement rejection of the removal of Nigeria from the list of “countries of particular concern” regarding religious freedom, it remains to be seen what CAN will do in the face of such an impending danger confronting Christians in Zamfara State.

Rev Pofi pointed out that despite claims by the Zamfara State Police Command of being “…on top of the situation”, which according to him usually comes even when it is obvious that the police is far beneath the situation, they were quick to issue some tips to the Christian Community to reduce worship time and set up their internal security mechanisms.


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