2023: Veteran Journalist, Golu Joins Plateau Guber Race Pays Tribute to Gomwalk, Lar, Jang

An outstanding journalist and former member of the House of Representatives, Hon Dr Golu Timothy has expressed his interest to contest the 2023 Governorship election in Plateau State.

Golu, a former State House Editor, Political Editor and Group News Editor with the LEADERSHIP Newspapers who also served as Chief Whip of the Plateau State House of Assembly, said he is contesting the gubernatorial election under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Golu, who expressed satisfaction with the leadership styles of former governors of the state beginning from the late Joseph Gomwalk, Chief Solomon Lar and the immediate past governor Jonah David Jang who laid strong and visible leadership presence in Plateau and always regarded as the fathers of the state. He said if elected, he will continue from where the immediate former Governor Jonah David Jang stopped because he was part of the government and understood the direction and thinking of the government.

Golu made the declaration at the State Secretariat of the PDP in Jos, Plateau State.

“I am here at the State Secretariat of the PDP today to declare my intention to run for the governorship seat in the coming 2023 election. I am not the best among all those that have indicated interest, all of us here are qualified to run for that office in but I am soliciting your support as leaders of the party and by the grace of God, I will not disappoint you and the people of Plateau State if given the opportunity”.

“We are all aware of the governments that have laid solid foundation for the development and growth of Plateau State. We can all see and feel the development brought to us by late JD Gomwalk. We can see those of our father, yhe emancipator, the pioneer national Chairman of our party, Late Chief Solomon Lar build on this giant strides.

“We are happy that our father Jonah David Jang, the immediate past governor consolidated on the achievements of Baba JD Gomwalk and Baba Lar by adding massive infrastructural development that can be seen everywhere and felt in every part of Plateau State. It is on this account that I will continue from where he stopped if given the mandate to be Governor of Plateau State,”
Golu added that there is no basis to compare the achievements recorded by the PDP government with that of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“APC has nothing to show with regards to the development of Plateau State,” the veteran Journalist who is familiar with the growth and development of Nigeria said.

“I want to be the governor of Plateau State to contribute my own quota to the development of the state by providing real dividends of democracy. When I talk about dividends of democracy, am not referring to the rhetorics and ritual statements being made everywhere. Am talking about real and authentic , not abstract but substance that can be touched, felt, seen, etc that should be given to the people so that the people can get satisfaction of good governance.

“I was part of the Government of Sen. Jonah David Jang and am very proud of the government. I celebrated that government because I was part of everything that happened and I am happy with what we did as members of that government and members of the 7th State House of Assembly that worked together with the former Governor, Baba Jonah David Jang.

“The government laid a solid Jos master plan, came up with the concept of massive infrastructural development and handled issues of insecurity in the state with all sincerity. Because Time was short,(eight years was not enough for him and I am not trying to undermind the provision of our own constitution). We must respect our constitution.

“We are witnesses to the prudent and judicious utilization of available fund to the state which was used for quality provision of infrastructure. Under Baba Jang when the government said something, it follows it with implementation and commensurate zeal of execution. Am ready to continue from where his government stop,”Golu added.
Golu said as a federal legislator, he has attracted over #100 billion naira federal road and other projects for Plateau, but which the Apc state government failed to pursue the completion of some because of needless partisan considerations.
” I was never discouraged by what happened to me in 2019 when my second term mandate was openly stolen at gun point by the Apc, but will continue to struggle for the sake of our state until we achieve success. Plateau State cannot continue like this. We must be part of the success stories across the nation.By God’s grace, we shall succeed”, he said.

Hon Chris Hassan, State Chairman of the PDP in Plateau state commended Golu for the courage and described him as a veteran Journalist,experienced politucian who has contributed immensely at every level of assignment God has bestowed on him. He assured that the party will provide a level playing field for all aspirants.7

According to Hassan, the party has been repositioned to take over power from the national to the state level in 2023.


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