Haske Ya Zo: Hon Samuel Nathaniel Dapiya fulfills promise, mounts more street lights in Mangu

In fulfilment of his promise to continue with his bottom-up/grassroot interventions to ameliorate the overburden on scare facilities available in communities, Hon Samuel Nathaniel Dapiya has installed more solar powered street lights at various locations in Mangu LGA. The locations are

Tongzong Gindiri
  1. Langai community
  2. Jwakwom (Mangu Ward 2)
  3. Gindiri road, stadium junction , opposite Dip Dat filling station before mangu Friday market Junction.
  4. Tongzong (Gindiri)
  5. Mangu ward 2.

Hon Samuel Nathaniel Dapiya had earlier installed solar powered street lights in Tasha Panyam, COCIN Church, Interior and the Palace by Nakam Junction and other areas.

Langai (Gindiri)
COCIN LCC Jwakwom (Mangu Ward 2)
Langai Gindiri

Hon Dapiya who is a native of Panyam has reiterated that his interventions are motivation by his desire to ensure that his people are able to find their way home and still be vigilant at night.

Angwan Sarki, Sabon Layi Junction (Mangu)

These efforts have been described by residents as a move in the right direction given the rising case of insecurity at night in some communities across the State.

Stadium Junction Gindiri

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