Ambassador John Pofi calls for the immediate arrest of Shiek Abubakar Gumi over incisive comments

The National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network Amb. John Pofi has called for the arrest of Shiek Abubakar Gumi. In a statement personally issued by Amb John Pofi, he called out the cleric over his behavior in recent years, which he described as “…inciteful, deceitful, inflammatory and divisive…”.

Amb Pofi while lamenting the situation pointed out that such was “…endangering the sensibility of the nation.” While stressing that a recent online publication credited to the cleric where he made unprintable comments concerning a certain section of Nigerians, Amb. Pofi said it was one out of the many such outbursts that have been allowed to go unchallenged.

Amb John Pofi

He called for the arrest of Shiek Abubakar Gumi, further stressing that if it were a Christian cleric who made such comments, everyone knows what would have happened to such, adding that “…but since the President of the country appears sympathetic…” actions have not been taken against the cleric for his comments.


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