The Kunduk Traditional Institution and the leadership of Kunduk Development Association have recognized the immense contribution of Dr Elkanah Garang in humanitarian and community service with the award of a title; Riching Ma Ram (Protector of the people/ Garkuwan Kunduk) at the Quara day festival on 15th April 2022.

The paramount ruler, Saf Kunduk James Ahmadu Yakash thanked him for being a good ambassador of his people and lauded his initiatives across and beyond Bokkos which has brought succour to countless communities through provision of water, healthcare interventions, scholarships amongst other gestures.

Dr Garang expressed his profound gratitude to God for the opportunity to give back and also to the leadership of his community for finding him worthy of such recognition.

Dr Elkanah Garang, an aspirant for the House of Representatives received prayers and support from his community as he seeks to represent the good people of Mangu / Bokkos Federal Constituency at the National Assembly.


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  1. Indeed Dr Elkana Garang is an Icon, we the entire people of Mangu Bokkos Federal constituency have seen the impact of this philanthropist in different ways through his active participation in Politics…..

    If people of his type would follow the blue print of such an Icon, sky will not only be our limit buh a Dwelling for us…..


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