Ambassador John Pofi calls out Prof Ishaq Akintola of MURIC for raising false alarm

The National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network, Amb John Pofi has berate the Muslim Rights Concern MURIC over the comments by Prof Ishaq Akintola over what he described as “…divisionists…”.

Ambassador Pofi made this known in a statement he personally issued to journalists following an outburst from the Director of MURIC Prof Ishaq Akintola. Ambassador Pofi called on the Director of MURIC Prof Ishaq Akintola, to stop raising false alarm, especially comments alleging that the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the American Government were planning to destabilizing Nigeria as a “… mere and normal attention seekers…”, describing the Director of MURIC as one “…who always wants to be on the news…” for being selective over the activities of bandits and bokoharam when he alleged that most of the people being killed are Muslims.

Ambassador Pofi reminded Prof Ishaq that history is replete with records of how the menace of Bokoharam started, especially when they targeted western education; erroneously extending their escapade to Churches and Christians who were bombed and burnt in most northern states – some people were jubilant and happy referring to them as “arna”.

He described Prof Ishaq’s allegations that Christians were planning to stop Muslims from voting in the 2023 elections as a laughable and unnecessary outburst, urging Prof Ishaq Akintola to remain mute if he has nothing to say.

Ambassador Pofi used the opportunity to appeal to security agencies to immediately arrest and prosecute Prof Ishaq Akintola before he “… sends us to early Golgotha.” Stressing that “A stitch in time, they say saves nine.”.


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