COVID-19 Vaccine side effects not different from normal vaccine side effects, Youths responsible for the spread of false and unverified information about the Vaccines

Political Scientist and Researcher, Mishael Nungkop has stated that most of the side effects of COVID-19 Vaccines are not different from the side effects of other vaccines that have been administered in the past. Nungkup made this known when he featured in the A Special COVID-19 Awareness Programme brought by Comrade Friday Bako with support from the Center for Information Technology & Development (CITAD) and MacArthur Foundation aired on KT 103.9 FM in Jos, on Wednesday 27th April 2022.

The Political Scientist who spoke on the topic ‘How Youths Can Increase The Covid-19 Vaccine Up-take” berated young people for their role in sharing fakenews about COVID-19 which is partly responsible vaccine hesitance. He lamented their role in sharing unverified contents which led to the volume of misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 and the Vaccine, stressing that most young people blew things out of proportion.

Haven taken the vaccine himself, Nungkop pointed out that he was told he would develop certain medical condition and likely die within a certain people for taken the vaccine but said that he is however still alive long after he took the vaccines. He stressed that though he had few side effect similar to those of other common vaccines he had taken in the past, he is still healthy, and urged the public to disregard any rumour, saying that the COVID-19 Vaccine are not only safe but OK for human consumption as proven by health experts.

He noted that the youths can however reverse their actions by disseminating the right information regarding COVID-19. He stressed that influential people who have taken the COVID-19 Vaccine should make it public through conversations to help others take the vaccine as well.

He called on government to create incentives that will enable influencers take the message of COVID-19 to their spheres of contact, stressing that these incentives will motivate them to get people who trust in them to take the COVID-19 Vaccine. He also appeal for religious organizations to be incorporated in the sensitization campaign to increase the uptake of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

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