The Consummate Community Developer: Dr Elkanah Garang and his Philanthropic Interventions Episode 1 – Provision of Portable and Safe Drinking Water

The world has moved on from the era during which politicians emerged as a result of the blessings of godfathers and deep pockets to the era of political emergence through practical demonstration of capacity, capability and character on individual basis of philanthropy even before delving into partisan politics.

Dr Elkanah Garang a Nigerian trained medical doctor has emerged as a passionate and compassionate philanthropist, community developer, emancipator and a consummate representative of the people. Dr Elkanah Garang has demonstrated these traits in the various interventions which include provision of Portable and Safe Drinking Water, Health Interventions, Educational Interventions and Economic Empowerment.

This episode will look at the provision of Portable and Safe Drinking Water to hinterland rural communities in Bokkos and Mangu LGAs Plateau State.

Dr Elkanah Garang initiated and completed water interventions aimed at providing portable and safe drinking water in over 30 communities spread across Bokkos and Mangu LGAs and still counting. These interventions include rehabilitation of existing boreholes and the sinking of new boreholes across the benefiting communities.

These communities include; Taes community, Kopdil community, Kopkon COCIN 1 and Ikngwakap RCC 1 all of Mushere Central. Others include Minjing Community of Mushere West, Kopmur Community of Marigip Kopmur 1 and Ndung community of Tangur 1. Bokkos West has Feret Mandarkin 1, Ungwan Hausawa 2, Saf Ronkulere Palace 1, Kwatta Junction 1, Tudu Opposite Catholic Church 1 and Cottage Hospital 1.

Kwattas has Marish Community 1, Bakanuk 1 and Fakkos 1. Mbar/Mangar has Gada Biyu 1, Mangar Town 1, GSS Mangar 1 and Makotong 1. Butura has Maikatako 1, Ambul/Margesh has Tamuchi 1, Dashit 1, Tamuci 1. Rica has Rica Town 1, Kamwai has Kamwai Town 1 and Ambang 1.

Jipa has Tokbet Primary 1 and Tudun Wada Tokbet 1. Kerang has Kon 1 and Kerang Town 1, while Panyam has Kopal 1, Nlet 1 and Bwori.

The next episode will look into other areas where Dr Elkanah Garang made interventions which have touched the lives of rural dwellers.


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