The Consummate Community Developer: Dr Elkanah Garang and his Philanthropic Interventions Episode 2 – Healthcare Interventions

Healthcare has become the most discussed topic across the world, this is so because ‘health is wealth’, it is only a healthy society that can prosper and develop. This has made healthcare a universal point of convergence especially in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Healthcare provision is no longer considered the sole responsibility of government along, the world has moved on to a stage where philanthropists and spirited individuals have decided to take healthcare serious. This is the narrative with Dr Elkanah Garang who demonstration of capacity, capability and character, on individual basis of philanthropy even before delving into partisan politics.

Dr Elkanah Garang a Nigerian trained medical doctor, a passionate and compassionate philanthropist, community developer, emancipator and a consummate representative of the people has executed several Health Interventions, across rural communities in Mangu and Bokkos LGAs.

This episode will look at the health interventions initiated by Dr Elkanah Garang to benefit hinterland rural communities in Bokkos and Mangu LGAs Plateau State.

Dr Elkanah Garang initiated and completed several health interventions across Mangu/Bokkos Federal constituency, some of which include

  1. Donation of Medication to all Primary Healthcare Centers at Ambul Bargesh ward for mass deworming of Children across the Electoral ward and beyond.
  2. Restoration of Water supply at the Cottage Hospital Bokkos.
  3. Equipping of Labour Room in Tafiya to assist delivery and reduce maternal mortality and
  4. Assistance given to offset surgery and hospital bills for constituents.

Dr Elkanah Garang is fast changing the narrative in the constituency with his style of bottom-top interventions to communities that need them dearly. This has endeared him to constituents.

The next episode will look into other areas where Dr Elkanah Garang made interventions which have touched the lives of rural dwellers.


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