Hon Dr Timothy Golu attends Sunday Church Service at the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) LCC III Mabudi, RCC Mabudi, Langtang South LGA

Hon Dr Timothy Golu and his lovely wife Mrs Chalya Golu were at the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) LCC III Mabudi in Langtang South LGA to worship before continuing with consultative tour of Langtang South LGA.

Dr Golu and wife Mrs Chalya Golu expressed appreciation for the opportunity Pastor and Leadership of the Church gave them to worship, while also calling for prayers ahead of the Monday 23rd Gubernatorial Primaries of the PDP in which Dr Golu is a leading aspirant.

Dr Golu and wife identified with the PDP Chairman of Langtang South LGA who is a strong member of the church who invited him, his wife and entourage to worship with them before continuing with his political tour.

Responding on behalf of the congregation, moderator of the Church Service expressed gratitude for seeing Dr Golu who is displaying his trust in God, and coming to identify with the body of Christ, unlike some other politicians who depend on fetish powers.

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