The Consummate Community Developer: Dr Elkanah Garang and his Philanthropic Interventions Episode 4 – Human Capital Development

Indeed little drops of water make up an ocean and a thousand miles journey begins with a step. Dr Elkanah Garang has yet again intervened in many ways to better the lot of rural communities.

This article looks at the intervention done by Dr Elkanah Garang in the are of Human Capital Development. These interventions cover a broad are of agricultural intervention, business enablement, support for sporting activities etc.

  1. Dr Elkanah Garang has provided startup capital to 20 Women and Youths with small businesses aimed at making them economically stable and financially buoyant in the long run.
  2. Dr Elkanah Garang has sponsored indigenous sportsmen and women.
  3. Dr Elkanah Garang has also sponsored/supported local sporting competitions in order to discover local talents.
  4. Dr Elkanah Garang has provided subsidy for fertilizers to local farmers to enable them get fertilizer on time to improve farm yield and economic prosperity among rural communities.
  5. Dr Elkanah Garang has supported Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), he has also donated Building Materials and the drilling of wells at Jisho.
  6. Dr Elkanah Garang has facilitated and sponsored the construction of culvert at Ambul-Bergish Ward.
  7. Dr Elkanah Garang has facilitated and sponsored the reconstruction of an important bridge at Maji Community of Hotom Daffo.

These and many other interventions have been initiated and are at various levels of completion. Upon completion they will bring succor to many hinterland communities in the constituency.

The next episode will look into other areas where Dr Elkanah Garang made interventions which have touched the lives of rural dwellers.


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