Kano Explosion: Ambassador John Pofi Accuses Kano State Government of an alleged Cover-Up

The National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network Ambassador John Pofi has accused the Kano State Authorities of trying to cover up the actual cause of the Explosion in Sabon-Gari, Kano State which has claimed the lives of innocent children.

In a statement issued to journalists in Jos, the Plateau State capital, Ambassador Pofi pointed out that the explosion was an attack, “an attempt to bomb Christians in the area…”. While expressing outrage over what he described as an alleged cover up, Ambassador Pofi noted that Sabon Gari is known to be a town dominated by Christians, hence his suspicion on why the Commissioner of Information of Kano State Mallam Muhammad Garba alleged an unknown cause while the Commissioner of Police Kano State alleged something elsez especially following the gruesome murder of Deborah in Sokoto over alleged blasphemy.

The contradictory statements according to Ambassador Pofi “… means something is fishy and the state government is aware and wants to cover up.”

Ambassador Pofi called on security agencies to hasten up the process of investigation and let the public know on time.

Ambassador Pofi noted that following the gruesome murder of Deborah in Sokoto State, tension had built up in many northern states including Kano State, hence security reports should be taken more seriously than political statement aimed at covering up the actual cause.

Ambassador Pofi drew the attention of security agencies to that fact that whenever a case of blasphemy is reports in Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the world, religious extremists in Northern Nigeria usually took to the streets to take laws into their hands. He urged the Federal Government to step up security in all northern states to avert another incidents before it is too late, stressing that “Christians will no longer take any form of barbarism in the name of religion…”

He called on all Northern Governors to also take necessary steps to up security to ensure the safety of all to prevent another breakdown of law and order.

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