Mwaghavul Development Association (MDA) North America set to hold ‘Puus Plang Naan’ & Tribute to the Late Mishkaham Mwagavul

The Mwaghavul Development Association (MDA) North America has announced the conclusion of plans to host the first reunion (Puus Plang Naan). This was disclosed in a statement issued by its President Mr. Diamond Longjel and made available to this medium.

According to the statement, the event which is expected to hold from the 1st to the 3rd of July 2022 will also feature tribute to the late Mishkaham Mwaghavul HRH Da Nelson Bakfur.

The statement noted that though the initial plan was to host ‘Puus Kaat’ but following the demise of HRH Da Nelson Bakfur, the event has been revised to reflect ‘Puus Plang Naan’ (Thanksgiving) and a tribute to the late Monarch.

MDA North America has been in existence for over 25 years with a mission of fostering unity among its members in North America and to make impactful contribution to the Mwaghavul nation.


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