Management of COVID-19, the responsibility of both infected and uninfected persons, Vaccines safe for human use ~ Dr Mashor Mbwas, Health Expert

The management of COVID-19 has been opined to be the responsibility of both people infected and uninfected persons. This was made know by Dr Mbwas MASHOR, a Public Health Policy Manager, Consultant Pathologist at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital, and is also the Financial Secretary, of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Plateau State Chapter.

Dr Mashor made this disclosure as a guest of the Special COVID-19 Awareness Program aired on Thursday 9/6/2022 on KT FM 103.9 brought by Comrade Friday Bako with support from the Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) and MacArthur Foundation.

Dr Mashor encouraged uninfected person to observe all preventive measures while urging persons with symptoms similar to that of COVID-19 to visit a health center to be tested and treated rather than resort to self medication. Dr Mashor noted that the dangers of taking drugs without prescription, especially in the treatment of COVID-19 have grave consequences.

He stressed that the more people abuse antibiotics indiscriminately, the micro organisms become resistant there by making the drugs being abused less effective in the future.

Dr Mashor informed that there are five stages for vaccine development including the COVID-19 Vaccines. He stressed that these stages are referred to as clinical trials which should usually take 30 months. But because of the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was shortened to 6 months with a follow up monitoring and observation to look out for any adverse effects which according to him should be reported if any.

Dr Mashor stressed that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe for human consumption because they are within safe limits and following the clinical trials, the safety margin is OK. He urged the public to go for their the COVID-19 jabs and booster only for the type of COVID-19 vaccine they have taken. He pointed out that for some vaccines it is a single dose, others are to take two doses and a booster shot etc.

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