Arewa Consultative Forum To Tinubu: Only A Northern Christian VP Can Unite Nigeria ~ Tips Yakubu Dogara

The immediate past Secretary General of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Anthony Sani has called on the All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate, HE Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the APC to pick a Christian from the North as the party’s running mate ahead of the 2023 General Elections. This, according to him, is the surest way to peace and unity in view of the pervading realities in the country.
He urged Tinubu not to be intimidated by anyone under any pressure to fall for what can bring disunity and increased suspicion in the country.

Anthony Sani

Anthony Sani made this known while interacting with journalists in Jos, the Plateau State Capital. According to him, the former speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara is the perfect candidate considering the new dynamics. He said, ” Dogara is a young man with sufficient public intelligence with a rich electoral asset. If you look at his electoral value he has never lost any election”.

He stressed that the former speaker was able to command national respect because of his liberal disposition and because of that, given his liberal posture, and his own words “I am tempted to recommend him for the position of the vice president of Nigeria”.

“My suggestion does not mean that I have influence on Tinubu and the leadership of APC, but Tinubu has earlier said he knows how to hunt for his first eleven and as far as I am concerned Dogara can make his first eleven.”

He expressed concern over the controversy on whether the VP be picked from the Northern Christian community or the Northern Muslim community adding that the constitution is very clear on it in respect to the federal character which says “No any group should dominate as such a thing will not promote unity of the country.”

“As far as Nigeria is concerned the dividing lines today are about three, ethnicity, religion and regions and there is no way the president can pick his running mate from his region.”

He went further stated that “So if there are three dividing lines, for instance, if the president comes from a region, the vice president from the other side. If the president is coming from the south, naturally the vice president should come from the North.”

He argued that because religion is part of the three dividing lines, the constitution expect that the Vice President should come from opposite of the president’s religion.

“Some people have been saying, it should not happened that way, but the country today is being divided by along ethnic, region and religion line. So there is no way Tinubu will pick his vice from the south nor northern Muslim as vice president”.

According to Sani, Tinubu has made it very clear that he is coming to unite the country and not to divide it and if people are talking of Muslim, Muslim ticket he wonders if you they are mindful of the federal character

“With the way I perceived Tinubu, he wants to unite the country so that it will be peaceful for the younger generation to inherit, he is not expecting Tinubu to pick a Muslim from the North as his running mate .” he said.

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