Breaking: APC Youth Group endorses Hon Dan Manjang as Deputy to APC Gubernatorial Flag Bearer Dr Nemtawe

An All Progressives Congress (APC) youth group in Plateau State has adopted the Honorable Commissioner for Information and Communication, Plateau State, Hon. Daniel Manjang ANIPR as Deputy to the Gubernatorial candidate of the APC Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda in the 2023 joint ticket.

The group which is known as APC Progressive Minds for Dan Manjang (PMDM), a Youth Support Groups declared their support for Dan Manjang while addressing a press conference at the State Secretariat of the APC, Kalwa House in Jos, the Plateau State capital on Monday 4th July 2022.

According to the group, which is coalition of support groups under the banner of APC groups in Plateau State, they held the press conference to put out the request for competence in proper perspective with regards to the readiness of the All Progressives Congress in the 2023 general elections.

Reading the Press text on behalf of the group, Iliya Deggs noted that since the election of Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda as the gubernatorial candidate of the APC, there has been lots of disingenuous push towards filling the running-mate slot of the party. It has also been muted in some quarters, the idea of a COOCIN-COCIN ticket for the party in the general elections. The move according to the APC PMDM Youth and Support Groups is welcoming and not against the overall interest of Plateau state, stressing that their primary concern is for Plateau to succeed beyond any platform or association.

They however noted that it was very worrisome that some interested parties within the APC have elected and constituted themselves as king makers in the affairs of the party, hence their contemptible role in stimulating a candidature that would be hard to sell to the electorates.

The further noted that the implication of such cannot be overemphasized, hence the need for the leadership of the party to be circumspect regarding the choice of a deputy gubernatorial candidate ahead of the 2023 general elections.

As concerned stakeholders in Plateau state, APC and Northern Senatorial Zone in Plateau State, the group pointed out that haven considered several issues at stake, they have conclude that the most suitable deputy gubernatorial candidate for the APC should be a servant of notable pedigree that has the capacity to unite the various ethnic and religious compositions in Plateau North in particular and in the state at large.

In their consideration, they opined that such a candidate is needed to bring about the needed balance and stability to the APC gubernatorial ticket because its gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe, is from the Plateau Central zone, stressing that the rational thing to do is to nominate a candidate from Plateau North Senatorial Zone as the deputy gubernatorial candidate of the APC.

Consequently, and in line with the prevailing circumstances, the APC PMDM Youth and Support Groups informed the general public of the endorsement of Hon. Daniel Manjang as the deputy gubernatorial candidate of the APC.

According to the group, their position is hinged on the fact that Hon. Daniel Manjang is a bridge-builder and a unifying figure, as evident in his numerous contributions in Plateau state even as a serving commissioner for information.

According to them, Hon. Dan Manjang with his wealth of experience and intimidating credentials that speak volumes of commitment towards sustainable growth and development of Plateau State is for for such a position.

This, according to them has been evident in the numerous offices he has held over the years.

They pointed to His stewardship as the Honorable Commissioner for information which has seen to the total turnaround in the state’s efficiency in reaching out to the public with firsthand information since he assumed that position. This speaks volumes of his administrative competence, which is needed at this critical point of our existence.

They held their firm conviction that the choice of Hon. Daniel Manjang as the deputy gubernatorial candidate of the APC in Plateau state comes with its attendant benefits as it would give the APC a balanced ticket that would eventually guarantee electoral victory at the 2023 General Election.

They further noted that Hon. Daniel Manjang is also a known figure in every parts of the 17 LGAs of the State courtesy of his numerous contributions in promoting the timely sharing of the right information which has strengthened efforts aimed at fostering sustainable peace and development, cutting across all ages due to his broad views on issues.

The group used the opportunity to appeal to the leadership of the APC in Plateau state to do all that is necessary towards securing the nomination of Hon. Daniel Manjang as the party’s deputy gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 general elections.

It closing, the group stressed their firm belief that with Hon. Daniel Manjang as the supporting candidate of the APC, the party is guaranteed victory at the polls because of the strong followership he enjoys amongst the Plateau Northern community.

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