UN Women Engages WPS Networks in Plateau on New Phase of Project

The United Nations (UN) Women Nigeria has engaged Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Networks in furtherance of the implementation of the 3-Year Programme (2022-2024) on Women, Peace & Security. The programme is being implemented by the UN Women, in partnership with the Government of Nigeria, with funding support from the Government of Norway.

New Leadership of WPS Media Network Plateau State in a group Photo with UN Women Officer Mrs Bukola (3rd from the Left)

The event which held in Jos on Tuesday 5th July, 2022 saw in attendance members of the WPS Media Network comprising of trained journalists, as well as selected members of other WPS Networks within Plateau State. UN Women Officer Mrs Bukola Ademola-Adelehin while addressing the WSP Media Network charged the network to ensure that the Work Plan they are developing captures the implementation of the SAP in the State,capacity and sustainability Plan, the engagement in the peace and security process and participation of women in the 2023 General among many others important components.

One of the Breakaway Sessions

The WPS Media Coordinator Mr Wika Gofwen while briefing participants on the journey so far urged them to double their commitment considering the urgency to achieve set goals.

There were breakaway sessions which afford participants the opportunity to identify emerging issues, run SWOT analysis and develop a draft of the work plan for implementation effective July 2022.

Second Group in the Breakaway Sessions

In a related development, the UN Women also hosted Women Peace Mentors in a session to also assess their journey so far and the also help them develop their Action in order to achieve the WPS goals as it relates to the implementation of the SAP and the 3-Year Programme.

The event which also held in Jos, the Plateau State Capital had in attendance Women Mentors from 4 LGAs of Jos North, Mangu, Riyom & Wase LGAs of the State. In both event, there was proper representation from the Ministry of Women affairs and other WPS Networks.

There were also breakaway sessions for participants to identify emerging issues, run SWOT analysis and develop a draft of a work plan for implementation.

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