COVID-19 Vaccines: Rosemary Chuwang shares her experience

Experience sharing has become a major avenue through which many have been reached to ensure that others with similar challenges pick lesson in over coming their challenges. This method has been used therapy sessions to help people come out of their challenges and situations.

In building confidence and clearing issues surrounding COVID-19 and COVID-19 Vaccines, health experts and influencers have been engaged to help give more insights. In this special session, Rosemary Chuwang, a Mobile Lite Consultant with Philip Outsourcing has identified  the need for more engagements through one-on-one conversations with people at all levels and more aggressive media campaigns to help improve the COVID-19 Vaccine uptake.

She made this known when she was hosted to share her experience about the COVID-19 Vaccine on KT 103.9 FM Jos on Wednesday 20th July, 2022 on the COVID-19 Vaccine Public Awareness Campaign brought by Friday Bako with support from the Centre for Information Technology And Development (CITAD) and MacArthur Foundation.

Rosemary while making her submission urged the general public to take the COVID-19 Vaccines stressing that it is free, safe, effective and harmless. According to her, her experience with the vaccine was a good one and the public need to change their negative perception about the virus and vaccines developed to tackle it.

She noted that the novel corona virus (COVID-19) shook the world when the outbreak was first announced. According to her, she panicked not knowing exactly what will be of social activities which the public were accustomed to since people could not distinguish between the virus and other common human illnesses such as flu.

She lamented the role of fake news and conspiracy theories which affected public, which suggested that the World was been misled by a nonexistent virus.

While sharing her experience, she pointed out how she was able to pull through, navigating through information overload. own hailed the leading role played by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health Experts who were readily disseminated reliable information which helped the public in staying safe and reducing the spread of the virus by adhering to the health protocols. She urged the public to be sure of the source of their information and contact health Experts when in doubt of any health issue.

She said it is important for people to take their protection and that of others seriously against the virus.

She hinted that at the inception of the vaccines, she was skeptical putting into account counterfeit, quality assurance and knowing those responsible for ensuring standards were not compromised.

She said the misinformation on the vaccines having adverse effect on the human system and capable of causing cancer to those who are vaccinated were totally false, unfounded, not scientific proven and misleading saying having taken the vaccines she only experienced mild reaction after the second vaccination which she said was normal as it was the case with other vaccination she took in the past.

In her own words “I was reluctant at first as a Christian in taking the vaccine but eventually I had to do the right thing which was to take the vaccine which I did as I realized it will improve my immunity and that was the wise thing to do”.

She urged media houses not to relent in creating awareness on the virus and vaccines to change the mindset of the people which has caused hesitancy, production of educative fliers, increase in access points and ensuring the vaccines are available at all times.


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