Beautiful Gate Handicap People’s Center distributes 115 Wheelchairs in Mabudi, Langtang South LGA, Plateau State

Executive Director, Beautiful Gate Handicap People’s Center Chief Ayuba Burki Gufwan (Esq) has extended his philanthropy to Mabudi, Langtang South LGA. This time a total of 115 wheelchairs were distributed for free to beneficiaries in Mabudi.

Chief Ayuba Burki Gufwan charged the beneficiaries not to be discouraged because of their current physical challenge but charged them to be courageous in order to overcome their situation and make something better out of their lives. He reminded them that disability is not a death sentence, stressing that their are examples of persons who were disabled but rose above their disabilities and made something better out of their lives.

The event which took place at the Baptist Church, Mabudi Langtang South LGA, had in attendance Rev (Dr) and Mrs Ronald Rice who gave their exportation before the distribution of the wheelchairs.

Rev (Dr) and Mrs Ronald Rice expressed excitement that the church has been able to mobilize persons living with disabilities to church. He charged members to ensure they help bring at least one disabled person to church every Sunday.  He added that they deserve God’s as much as abled person.

He noted that this is his 30th time visiting, he said that in June 2022 he celebrated his 60th anniversary of his ordination as a Pastor. He noted that he met Chief Ayuba Burki Gufwan 23 years ago, after which they established the Beautiful Gate Handicap People’s Center, and so far, they have made and distributed over 28,000 wheelchairs for free to persons with disabilities.

He brought to the attention of those present that the name ‘Beautiful Gate’ came from the bible, the book of Acts, a story which tells of how Peter and John on their way to the temple. As they entered the temple through the Gate called ‘Beautiful’, they saw a crippled man who couldn’t work from birth. When they couldn’t give the man alms, they called on him to rise up and work in the name of Jesus, and the man walked.

He said that today, what was done in the bible for the cripple might not be replicated but Beautiful Gate Handicap People’s Center is providing wheelchairs to aid the mobility of persons with disability is another way to give such as is available. He added that the Beautiful Gate Handicap People’s Center is disturbing wheelchairs for free to Christians, Muslims and others without discrimination because Jesus thought to show compassion to persons with disabilities.

Rev (Dr) Rice noted that the disabilities in humanity were allowed by God to perform his works in them and also to keep humanity humble because God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, adding that in humility the Grace of God is displayed in lives. He stressed that there is nothing worse than a very proud person, adding that if anyone wants to receive the Grace of God, humility is necessary.

Rev Rice warned that if persons with disabilities develop bitterness, then it will be impossible to enjoy the Grace of God.

The beneficiaries were excited and expressed gratitude to God and Beautiful Gate Handicap People’s Center for coming to their rescue to help them move around and make something better out of their lives.


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