COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness: Comrade Walshak Kumwen encourages the public to take the COVID-19 Vaccine

People have been encouraged to go for the COVID-19 vaccines to help strengthen public safety. This position was projected considering that though the figures of infections have dropped, the COVID-19 Virus has not totally gone.

This was made known by the Public Relations Officer of the Plateau State Youth Council, Comrade Walshak Kumwen during the Special COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Program brought by Comrade Friday Bako with support from CITAD and McArthur Foundation on KT FM 103.9 on Thursday, 3rd November 2022.

Comrade Walshak noted that the COVID-19 Vaccines were able to save lives and help Nigerians get out of the grave situation the world found itself during the period of the outbreak of the Corona Virus. He added that though things have gradually normalized, it was important that the safety protocol be adhered. He stressed that there was need for a reorientation on the need for Nigerians to take the COVID-19 Vaccines.

Comrade Walshak pointed out that though there are side effects depending on body types, for safety, the public are advised to go for the COVID-19 Vaccine. He added that he didn’t experience any side effect after taking the vaccine.

Comrade Walshak called on the public to take lessons from the Ebola Virus outbreak and the COVID-19 Virus because there may be a future outbreak and that Nigerians need to put aside hesitancy.

He urged government to reach out to individuals, using the house-to-house immunization strategy in order to improve the uptake of COVID-19 vaccine uptake.


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