2023 Elections: Stakeholders at the Interfaith National Conference organized by Justice Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM) call for Peace

Nigerians have been urged to make concerted efforts towards achieving a violence-free 2023 General Elections. This was the position of different stakeholders during the Interfaith National Conference organized by the Justice Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM) held at the JPRM POCC, Behind Citizenship and Leadership Training Center, Gwash – Lamingo, Jos.Speaking to journalists at the event, Mr Lesmore Gipson Ezekiel called on. Nigerians to be sensitive to diversity as a way to pave way.

Mr Mr Lesmore Gipson Ezekiel

According to him, it was important for everyone to be dispassionate, manage emotions and get to the table with every sense of commitment in the making of a new Nigeria, which he stressed comes not by wishful thinking but come with appropriate actions, decency and the recognition of our diversity and respect such differences irrespective of ethno-religious differences.

He stressed in his own words that “our common humanity and our identify as Nigerians is very important. This is what will keep us going and the elections will be peaceful and the outcome will be celebrated”.

Rev (Dr) Habila Istifanus, President, Board of Trustees, JPRM

While lending his voice to the conversation in the drive towards creating a pathway for peaceful 2023 General Elections, the Chief Host of the conference, Rev (Dr) Habila Istifanus called on Nigerians “…to reason together and see areas where we can correct ourselves and move forward and being peaceful as much as possible”.

Mr Pwakim Jacob Choji, Chairman Plateau Peace Practicionners Network

The Chairman Plateau Peace Practicionners Network, Pwakim Jacob Choji also added to the conversation. He said that given the years of experience of violence during elections, haven learnt lessons, the 2023 elections presents an opportunity for deep reflection.

He called on the electorates to scrutinize candidates based on their developmental blue print, beyond the sentiments of violence if a candidate looses election and vote not for for ethnic or religious sentiments but for the future of Nigeria.

Executive Director, JPRM, Elder Mrs Justina Ngwobia

The Executive Director, JPRM, Elder Mrs Justina Ngwobia called on Nigerians to protect Nigeria and build a new Nigeria. She said the conference became necessary in order to look at the things that seek to bring division. She stressed that for Nigeria to survive in 2023, there is the need to remember that the Yoruba Man, the Igbo man, the Hausa man etc are first and foremost Nigerians before the are members of one ethnic group or the other.


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