Unijos Staff Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited inaugurates Standing Committees

Unijos Staff Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited (UJSMCSL) has inaugurated standing committees to help in the smooth running of the cooperative for the new administrative dispensation. The committees were inaugurated during a brief ceremony on Wednesday 21st December 2022 held at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, at the Bauchi Road Campus of the University.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of the Unijos Staff Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, Mr Ukpo Aaodohemba said that the communities are integral to the Cooperative Society urging members of the various committees to give their best in discharging their duties. He encouraged members of the committees to always keep channels of communication open with the Executive, stressing that they will be required to submitted reports on areas of improvement to the executive through the chairmen and secretaries of the various committees.

Mr Aaodohemba promised to make room for the committees to periodically in order to discuss their proposed activities and programs. He commended all committee members for presenting themselves to service the Cooperative without being paid, urging them to feel free to correct members of the Executive and also contribute to the development of the Cooperative.

Aaodohemba also used the opportunity to charge committee members to be observant as they are the ears of the Executive and are expected to advice appropriately for the growth of the Cooperative Society. The committees inaugurated include; Loans Accounting and Finance Committee, Education Committee, Investment Committee, Business Committee, Public Relations Committee and the Disciplinary committee.

Speaking on behalf of other committees, Chairman Loans Accounting and Finance Committee, Sumdi Dawurung assured that they will deliver optimally on the Mandate given to them. Vice President of the UJSMCSL, Dr Kannam Akims gave the vote of Thanks on behalf of members of the Executive of UJSMCSL.


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