Ambassador Elvis Akpobi calls on Nigerian Youths to Unite ahead of the 2023 General Elections

The Founder/CEO of the NotTooYoungToLead Initiative, Ambassador Elvis Akpobi has called on Nigerian Youths to unite irrespective of their differences in order to have candidates ahead of the 2023 General Elections.

Ambassador Akpobi made this known while featuring on the Channels TV program “BEAM” on Monday 21/2/2022 on the topic ‘Youth expectations ahead of the next General Elelctions’.

Ambassador Elvis Akpobi, who is also the Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Youths Development noted that if Nigeria’s problems must be solved, then people who have a deeper reality of modern day challenges be allowed to become candidates of political parties ahead of the 2023 General Elections.

Ambassador Akpobi noted that a hand full of those vying for the No. 1 office in Nigeria ahead of 2023 do not have this understanding, stressing if youths can come together irrespective of ethnic, religious and political binaries, they can bring together digital people who can solve Nigeria’s problems.

Speaking on the need for unity, Ambassador Akpobi noted that it takes more than social media, urging that youths must get registered to vote, get involved in a political party politics, he stressed that when youths overwhelm political parties with their numbers, they will be forced to field a youth candidate, stressing that if the youths maintain the attitude that politics is dirty, then the youths will just wait to vote for any candidate.

Ambassador Akpobi further urged that youths must ensure that only those with character and the capacity to mobilize are allowed to get involved in party politics and electioneering.

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