Opinion: Why APC Delegates Should Vote Dr Elkanah Garang

As the days draw near to the date set aside for the conduct of primary elections for political parties to produce candidates for the 2023 general elections, delegates are now the wooing bride. There are expectations among delegates as to who to consider before casting their votes for who will emerge as the candidate of their political party.

Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency is not left out of increased intensity of permutations, especially within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). Among the aspirants for House of Representatives, Dr Elkanah Garang stands out as the consummate politician who possesses the requisite passions, compassion, capacity and capability to deliver the dividends of democracy.

Usually, the people expect to have a leader who has compassion for the plights and predicaments of his people. One who understands their immediate needs and meets them even before the people cry out for help; that is one trait Dr Elkanah Garang has demonstrated by the many interventions he has initiated and executed successfully in providing portable and safe drinking water for rural communities, interventions aimed at improving healthcare service delivery, interventions inform of scholarships and incentives to motivate students to completed their educational pursuits, seed capital Dr Elkanah has provided to help women and youths become economically stable and financially buoyant; and his support and sponsorship of sporting activities to support local talents.

These and many other things Dr Elkanah has done even before delving into politics stands him out as the aspirant that delegates should queue up behind and vote in order to have a consummate leader that will intervene in ensuring that the lives of constituents are touched in very important ways.


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