DG Atiku/Mutfwang Campaign Organization Chief Letep Dabang hails electoral reforms, says innovations should be sustained into future elections

The Director General of the Atiku/Mutfwang Campaign Organization, Chief Letep Dabang has said that the electoral reforms contained in the new Electoral Act 2022 has brought about sanity not only in the election process but also in the selection process of candidates of political parties, which has heralded an unprecedented storm with saw many state and national assembly members loose their return ticket as a result of the exclusion of statutory delegates.

Chief Letep made this known when he featured on a live TV program organized by News Central ‘Politics HQ’ which held Monday evening.

Chief Letep while analysing ‘Nigeria 2023: PDP Fights to Return’ on the program stressed that the Biomodal Verification and Accreditation System (BVAS) is a great game changer ahead of the 2023 polls, stressing that with the new system and reforms, Nigerians finally have confidence in the electoral system. He added that these new interventions are innovations that should be encouraged going forward.

According to Chief Letep, the chances of the PDP to reclaim power in 2023 are even brighter considering the caliber of candidates the party is presenting to Nigerians, in order to w

Chief Letep Dabang address Party Members during the Inauguration of the Atiku/Mutfwang Youth Campaign Council

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