Dr Nentawe Should Go For Hon. Dan Manjan For a Dependable Deputy APC Youth Coalition Groups

In searching for a Deputy for the APC Gubernatorial candidate Dr Nentawe Yilwatda, so many factors have to be considered. First and foremost voting strength, Competence, Capacity and experience. Of great importance is to think of how to break the monopoly and break the voting strength of the opposition which in this case the PDP is. Various political researches have been conducted to that effect. Take for instance, why did Atiku picked Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State? One of the reasons is to create inroads in the south east and south South.

Secondly there is public perception among Nigerians calling for a Christian Vice President, the simple arithmetic there is to get votes considering that the Presidential candidate is already a Southern Muslim, where majority are Christians. This is also to create inroads for votes. This analysis alone should give Dr Nentawe a clue to know where to pick his deputy from.

People have called on Dr Nentawe not to give in to the distractions on the social media and what some have described as “kangaroo online polls” that do not speak the minds of majority of the people and as well does not give the desired result. The slot of the Deputy Gubernatorial candidate appears to have been conceded to the Northern Senatorial Zone by most political parties, hence, what Dr Nentawe as a strategist should do is to look at the voting strength of the zone and look at the place that has the highest voting population and pick a deputy from that area.

Various opinions have been projected and open letters as well have been written to Dr Nentawe. At this point his focus is to face the reality on ground in the Northern Zone and pick his deputy and not to be distractions here and there.

According to research at the earliest stage, the current politic narrative might have changed, hence the need to be cautious and pay good attention to denominations with the peculiarities of their different followers.

This analysis is to present to Dr Nentawe with a sound foundation and guide in order to help him make the right decision as regards his choice of a worthy Deputy. Failure to heed to these pointers may have grave consequences.

The era of sole dependence on religious organizations to win election may not reflect the realities of the day because times have changed and people tend to have more independent while also paying attention to ethnic and religious diversities of Plateau State.

Only recently an All Progressives Congress (APC) youth group in Plateau State adopted Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communication, Plateau State, Hon. Daniel Manjang ANIPR as Deputy to the Gubernatorial candidate of the APC Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda in the 2023 joint ticket, this group has carefully looked at the profile of Hon. Dan Manjang and concluded that he is the ideal person for the job, given his wealth of experience according the group.

The group which is known as APC Progressive Minds for Dan Manjang (PMDM), a Coalition of Youth Support Groups declared their support for Dan Manjang while addressing a press conference at the State Secretariat of the APC, Kalwa House in Jos, the Plateau State capital on Monday 4th July 2022.

In their press text, the group noted that Hon. Dan Manjan has paid his dues for the APC haven served the Governor diligently for his believe in his ideology.

They noted that Hon. Dan Manjan’s profile has made him suitably qualified to be the Deputy to Dr Nentawe. There are advantages the APC will have if they select Hon. Dan Manjan.

According to them, first he is from the majority ethnic group which has the voting capacity and strength, an area where the PDP has picked a woman as Deputy.

Analysis has shown that if APC picks a man and especially someone like Dan Manjan, the case is settled because he is a grass root politician and will be a good deputy to Dr Nentawe, given that he has been in the political space for a very long time and possess the right quality.

They stressed that Hon. Dan Manjan capacity alone will help Dr Nentawe and the APC the get more votes from the Berom land. With the support of Hon. Rufus Bature, the person of Hon. Dan Manjan and other APC political allies, victory for APC is sure in 2023.

According to the group the attention of Dr Nentawe has been drawn by so many write ups and open letters written to guide him to make the right choice and not to make a regrettable mistake that will lead to the party’s defeat at the end.

According to the group, amongst all those who have been projected, Hon Dan Manjan’s CV is above all, and Dan Manjan has the advantage of the voting strength and capacity of his people, Dr Nentawe should look at the voting pattern of plateau state and see where the majority usually follow and the determining factor.


– P & BCCS and EKAN Primary Schools, Rim & Foron 1968 1974

– Government Secondary School, Riyom 1974 1979 WASC

– School of Preliminary Studies, Keffi – 1979 1982 WASC/IJMB

– University of Sokoto – 1983/86 B. Sc (Hons) Economics

– Theological College of Northern Nigeria – 1996 Certificate Course in Basic Hebrew. Further Hebrew. Hebrew Exegesis, Old Testament Theology, and History and Religion of Israel.

– Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rothberg International School for Overseas Students 1999, Certificate in Special Academic Programme for Bible Translators.

– ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos 2001 2004 Masters of Divinity (Pastoral Studies)

– Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rothberg International School, Advanced Semester Study Programme for Bible Translators, 2007


– United States Information Services (USIS) July, 1989, Certificate of Participation in Economic Reporting and Features Writing

– Nigeria Bible Translation Trust, 1994, Introductory Course in Applied Linguistics

– Nigeria Bible Translation Trust, 1995, Introductory Course in Translation Principles

– Call of Hope Seminar on Muslim Evangelism, Miango, 1997

– Plateau State Planning Commission, 2001, Workshop on planning in conjunction with UNFP.

– Summer Institute of Linguistics Trauma Healing Workshop, Accra, Ghana, 2004

– Baptist Mission, Chronoligical Bible Storying Workshop, Lome Togo, 2005

– Summer Institute of Linguistics Trauma Healing Follow-up Workshop, Accra, Ghana 2006


– Pupil Teacher, EKAN Primary School, Rim, 1979

– Liberian Boys Secondary School, Gindiri 1982

– National youth Service, Cross Rivers/Akwa Ibom States, 1986/87

– Education Officer II, Dalo Memorial High School, Foron, 1987

– Features Writer, Plateau Publishing Company Limited, 1988/92

– Deputy Editor, the Nigeria Standard on Saturday, 1992

– Information Officer, Church of Christ in Nigeria, 1992/94

– Translation Exegete, Berom Language and Translation Board, 1994 2004

– Deputy Director Church Relations, Nigeria Bible Ttranslation Trust, 2004 2005

– Adjunct Lecturer, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, 2004 to date

– Acting Executive Secretary, Nigeria Bible Translation Trust 2005

– Lecturer, COCIN Gindiri College of Theology 2006 to 2008

– Senior Special Assistant, Media and Public Affairs, Plateau State, 2008

– Special Adviser, Media and Public Affairs, Plateau State, 2008 till date.

– Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Gyang Dantong, 2011/2012

Special Adviser Media and Public affairs 2015 to 2017

Commissioner, Ministry of Science and Technology 2017 to May, 2019

Commissioner, Ministry of Information and Communication 2019 to date


a) Leadership of Boards, Committees, Clubs, Associations, etc

– Time Keeper, P & BCCS School, Foron 1973/74

– Secretary, Barkin Ladi Youth Council, 1989/90

– Vice Chairman, NUJ, Plateau Publishing Company Limited Chapter,


– Chairman, Berom Youth Movement, National Electoral Committee, 1993

– Chairman, Plateau State Youth Council, 1993/95

– Public Relations Officer, Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria Central Zone II, 1995

– Secretary, Association of Nigerian Christians and Israel, Plateau State

Chapter, 1996

– Secretary, Planning Committee, Send Off/Induction of COCIN President 1999

b) Membership of Boards, Committees, Clubs, Association etc

– Fellowship of Christian Students, 1974/84

– Constitution Drafting Committee, Barkin Ladi Students Association, SPS Keffi Branch, 1981

– Nigeria Union of Journalists, Plateau State, 1986 till date

– TEKAN Literature Committee, 1992/94

– TEKAN Press, 1992/94

– Plateau Unity Forum, 1994

– Management Committee, Dalo Memorial High School, Foron, 1994

– Bible Society of Nigeria, Plateau Area, 1995

– Translation Committee, Berom Language and Translation Board, 1995 to


c) Directorship/Membership of Boards, Committees, Clubs, Association, etc

– Daystar Press, Ibadan, 1993 2000

– Plateau Radio Television Corporation

– Gindiri College of Theology/Theological Education by Extension,

2001 2004

– Gindiri College of Theology, 2005 2006

– Plateau State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board, 2006

– Secretary, Berom Language and Translation Board, 2005 to date

– Trustee, WellNurtured Sons and Polished Daughters Foundation of Nigeria, WESOPOD 2009 till date.

d) Spiritual Responsibilities

– Elder, COCIN LCC, Gigiring, 2000 to date

– Assistant Secretary, COCIN LCC Gigiring, 2000 to 2003

– Gideons International, 2000 to date

– PRO, Berom Language and Translation Board, 1995/98

– Life Member, Nigeria Bible Translation Trust, 1992

– Secretary, Berom Language and Translation Board, 2005 to date

– Secretary, North Central Nigerian Evangelical Missionary Association,


e) Publications

– Columnist, PPC The other side, 2000 to date

– Columnist, The Light Bearer A matter of time 2005 to date

– Translated Healing the Wounds of Trauma into Berom


– All over Nigeria

– Africa

– Middle East

– Europe.

NOTE: He contested the House of Representatives election for the Barakin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency in 2011. He however lost in the primaries.


Writing, Reading, Nature Watch and Golfing


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